PACE's Mission

Established in 2000, PACE Learning Center's mission has always been to hire quality teachers who are personally vested in the academic success of their students  and create a nurturing environment that fosters learning and a positive attitude towards academics.

PACE's Priority is Learning

Positive Mindset = Successful Learning

PACE modifies student behavior by focusing on 3 key factors:

positive attitude towards academics and learning

teachers gain the trust and respect of their students

positive reinforcement makes learning fun




PACE Fosters Learning

Teachers follow the "Active Learning Model" which promotes teachers engaging, questioning and inspiring students to spark curiosity and the excitement to want to learn more.

PACE Fills in the Gaps

A Strong Academic Foundation = Confidence

PACE's academic diagnostic allows us to pinpoint exact areas of needed improvement using cross-grade-level adaptive technology.

Academic standards are constantly changing, and PACE, as an independently owned business, has updated its curriculum to meet the Common Core State Standards and our diagnostic test is aligned with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Students are re-diagnosed every 6 months to ensure improvement.

Parents and students are encouraged to bring in report cards, progress reports and test scores so PACE can be sure of student success.

Smarter Balanced Assessment

PACE's Curriculum is Personalized

Curriculum assigned is specific to the individual needs of the student.

No two students are exactly alike which is why each student is assigned PACE work guaranteed to challenge or reinforce their individual needs.


PACE encourages continuity with school work by allowing students to seek assistance on homework or preparation for a test.

PACE Parent Testimonials

"My daughter has been attending PACE for nearly 3 years now. Before attending PACE, she had struggled with her math and reading skills. The teachers at PACE helped her and reinforced what she was learning in school by giving her more worksheets to practice. Soon my daughter's test scores were significantly raised as well as her confidence in school. She is now in seventh grade taking honors classes in math and language arts."

Mrs. Louie, Parent of a 7th grader

"PACE has been very helpful to our entire family. Our daughter struggled with homework and at times would spend over an hour studying. She would often end up extremely frustrated, sometimes in tears. PACE picks her up from school, coaches her with homework and other areas where she needs help. She genuinely enjoys it. Her grades continue to improve and her self esteem continues to strengthen."

Mrs. To, Parent of a 5th grader

PACE Learning Center


Richmond District Center


1617 Balboa Street

(between 17th & 18th Ave)

San Francisco, CA 94121

Tues & Thurs 3-6

Sat & Sun 10-3


Sunset District Center

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3010 Noriega Street

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Daly City Center


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